New In.


Bought a new jacket from Rodebjer in New York. Love the colour, and I also really like the fabric.Outside the music festival "ya" is ongoing, and allthough it's raining, it's a nic...

Dragons Keep.

Love my new earring! <3


love it! It smells so fresh and springy.


I saw this hair tie in (who would've guessed?) a bookstore while at a museum (omg, this just keeps getting weirder....) and, well, long story short, after searching through the whole bunch of littl...

Saint Germain.

my boyfriend got me this lipstick from mac for our six month anniversary! He also got me two other things which I'll show you later, but i can tell you one thing - he sure knows what's my favourite...

My new phone.

I'm not so much for pink normally, but I sure as hell loved this one when I saw it!

Lita Fur.

My life is now complete. Aah..I could marry Jeffrey Campbells brain... (For those that don't get it: this was in the secret box) 15 minutes of fame to Alice that guessed I bought shoes (even tho...

I guess there's no limit to how much you can get in the mail.

I got this sent from costume yesterday. Lucky me!


I got this little secret by mail today. I'll tell you what it is later, but feel free to guess!

New in.

I got this blazer on H&M last week, and just realized I forgot to show you! It's great on, and I'm a big fan of bold colours, so when I first saw this, there was absolutely no way back.. I thought ...


Bought this ponchoish thing on BikBok on sale.. I do know I'll never wear it.. But I loved it when I saw it, And I'm guessing you all know how it is when you just HAVE to have something!


My darling new shoes! From Weekday.


Skal i bursdag til en venninne i helga, og jeg er lei av ABSOLUTT alt i hele klesskapet mitt, s kjpte meg en ny kjole for anledningen. Skikkelig behagelig stoff mot huden :))

Gave fra Costume :)))

(Og ja, jeg vet at bildet er speilvendt, jeg bare orket ikke gjre noe med det akkurat n...) Da jeg kom hjem i dag l det en overraskelse i posten til meg, skjnte ingenting, for jeg har ikke b...

Karen Miller.

Jeg bare M fortelle dere dette, ble helt satt ut da jeg var p fretex p lrdag. Tittet litt her og der, hpet litt for meg selv at jeg ikke kom til finne noe jeg likte (for da fr jeg en trang ...