september 2011


Felt like inspector gadget in this one! In a good way, though.

Elie Saab

I'm getting married in this dress. I'm just saying.


In the mood for makeup

Death by louboutin

I've allways really wanted a pair of Louboutins, but omg the feeling when I first laid eyes on those top ones... Strike of genious to put those "giggly-eyes" you use for christmas decorations as a ...

Oh, Stella

Ooooh, my God the grey/green contrast...I think I'm going to diiie...After last years flop (at least that's my opinion) with the 70's table-cloth-dresses, I never thought I'd see something this bri...


Photo // oraclefox // anywho // ??Love this.. I'm totally going to copy the 2nd picture from the top sometime soon...