juni 2011


I can't promise too many updates in the future. Me and my dad are (as I think i've already said?) going to the US for four weeks:) Leaving in ten!Have a great holiday! :D

Graduation Day.

Well..Graduation day is over. It was over at wednesday. Feels sort of weird knowing that I'll never have to set foot in that school again. But(!) I'n not really sad about it. On the contrary; I nev...


I really want this shorts. Not all that big fan of America (except the fact that I'm going there for four weeks on sunday........) but I gotta say I've allways liked their flag ;)

Expected news.

I'm guessing none of you have missed the news of this day, but I felt like posting it anyway :)) Turns out the next collaboration with H&M is going to be Versace...Not very surprising. Can...


Here comes an alternative way of showing what I was wearing today :) I just randomly felt like leaning to the door opening. I'm cool.

Long time, no see.

 .. or blog for that matter.. Sorry for the huge lack of updating, I've just had my final exams, and haven't really been up to sharing. Though I have started a couple of new projects I'm d...