mars 2011


When I am as tired as I am today, I just have to look away from everything I should do, and relax. Have slept almost all day, and now I'm treating myself with a facial mask. Feels great, I even put...


I'm working on a little collection of works I've made, that I can use to apply to a school I might consider for next year.. Not quite sure whether I'm interested or not, but I like to know ...

The moon's a harsh mistress.

Tonight you should keep an eye on the night sky. The moon is bigger, or closer, than it has been in 19 years. They call it the super moon. Not since my year of birth has it been this close to our l...

The sound of silence

Jeans cheap mondayBlouse MonkiCardigan H&MNecklaces H&M

A regular saturday.

Me and my friend Milos went to knighthawk (I think it's called.....?) which is a traditional, American diner in the heart of Oslo. I had pancakes with bacon and syrup, yummie, and this heartbreakin...

I'm not quite sure what it means...

..But I feel like this today. So incredibly tired, and angry and sad and happy and confused and other feelings I haven't heard of yet. This is a very odd day. ...So I think I'll just go to bed. ...

Favourite item.

This pink sweater-jumper-thing from Brunello Cucinelli has saved my life the last couple of weeks. So, so comfy!


Found this little video while searching around for videos of Charleston. I've got to say I'm impressed by the well...Jumping around.

This is what I do in class.

In our history class last week I was exceptionally bored and sleepy, and somehow in between Neverland and reality, my inspiration came back! I've had a creativity drought for too long, and I couldn...

Coloured chocolate milk.

Today I spent my evening making coloured milk. You know, when you put food colouring in your milk and it turns pink or light green? Well, after having hilariously fun for about half an hour, I thou...


(look! Aren't I just greatat photoshop?!) I actually came across this song while reading at the home page of what will hopefully be my university next year!! Can you believe it I1m going to Lond...


Sweater Zara, pants Cheap Monday, belt Burberry


love it! It smells so fresh and springy.

The Queen.

A little taste of my weekend! I'll try and remember to show you more later on :))