januar 2011

Topshop ss11.

The Road Not Taken.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,And sorry I could not travel bothAnd be one traveler, long I stoodAnd looked down one as far as I couldTo where it bent in the undergrowth;Then took the other, a...

Carin Wester.

I have some serious shit cravings for these shoes. Especially the tall ones in cognac and the low cut ones in python. Yummie.

Lita Fur.

My life is now complete. Aah..I could marry Jeffrey Campbells brain... (For those that don't get it: this was in the secret box) 15 minutes of fame to Alice that guessed I bought shoes (even tho...

Cheap Monday ss11.

Drawing II

Just finished this drawing! I'm actually quite satisfied with it, think I'l keep drawing in this style.. I didn't have all the colours I needed, though.. Guess I'll be hanging around in the art sto...


I bought these markers to have a little better possibilities to draw. I've lost my motivation a little bit, an to me it always helps buying new pens and such.. Besides I got incredibly inspired by ...

I guess there's no limit to how much you can get in the mail.

I got this sent from costume yesterday. Lucky me!

Most Wanted.

I really love cable knit sweaters! Need to remind myself either to knit one or to look for one in the store.. Also I'm looking for a knit shorts.. If any of you has seen one or knows where they're ...


I got this little secret by mail today. I'll tell you what it is later, but feel free to guess!


This is so to speak my mood board right now. This picture is the most inspiring picture I know, Vincent van Gogh was a genious!

My 571.

I just found these jeans again, I haven't been able to find them for quite some time now, and our reunion wasn't far from filled of tears! Jk, I'm really not all that messy. But you know what it's ...

Prada SS11.

OMGTHESUNGLASSES! This years investment? ...I think so.

Betsey Johnson 04.

Betsey Johnsons spring 2004. Shame this is not available anymore..


Crop top TopShop, Body Cubus, old jeans my mothers old ones ;)

DIY skirt.

Just finished sewing this skirt. It's a little bit burberry prorsum-isj (ss10). I found a tutorial at anywho and I've been meaning to sew it - FINALLY I got to the part where I actually did it. I'm...

Some days ago.

I wore this a couple of days ago, forgot to show you, but I really, really liked it. I'm in love with the flowy pants! (Thanks dad, for best x-mas gift ever!) Flowy leg trousers and crop top TopSh...

New in.

I got this blazer on H&M last week, and just realized I forgot to show you! It's great on, and I'm a big fan of bold colours, so when I first saw this, there was absolutely no way back.. I thought ...


I've blogged this picture before, but red lips is.. well.. AMAZIIINGGH!


I think this outfit tells more about my favourite store than it does about me. Everything: H&M (and btw, the bump on top of my pants at the back, is just my sweater tucked in, I don't really have...

Stine Goya.

Just found out that Stine Goya is doing yet another collaboration with Weekday. The collection is to found in all stores mid April. Can't wait!


I aboslutely love this song...


I mixed a couple of nail polishes yesterday, this is how it ended up looking like. Actually very satisfied! (But I am aware it's a little messy at the finger tips..) What do you think?


Bought this ponchoish thing on BikBok on sale.. I do know I'll never wear it.. But I loved it when I saw it, And I'm guessing you all know how it is when you just HAVE to have something!


Got Costume in the mail this morning. Good start at a great day!

Different Boheme.

I really love the contrast between these bohemy, earth colours and the purple converse..! Think I might just copy this when we get a little closer to spring! Pic: Stockholmstreetstyle

Jil Sander.

OMG! These pants from Jil Sander took my breath away! I absolutely love all of that colour... Yummie.

The Prada Way.

I found a couple of sunglasses on sale at H&M, and naturally, since clearly I'm trying to get a record in Guinnes Records Book by 'having most sunglasses in the world', I bought them. They reminded...

A Different Pony Tail.

I just really liked the way my hair looked.. (It does however look a little dry in the lengths, but the only reason for that is that I recently showered, and apparently my mothers shampoo doesn't l...

Acne SS11.

Acne spring/summer 11. Absolutely love the simple cut, and, due to my extreme love of shoes, I could date those chunky wedges! I'm not all that for the Matrix sunglasses, though..

Elin Kling Pour H&M.

Just found out that the swedish super blogger Elin Kling is having a collaboration with H&M! I think it's really exciting that they're finally doing something new, and I've followed Elin Klings blo...

Corset Skirt.

I think this might just be my next copycat project...Really loved it! If I manage to sew it proparly, I'll make you a DIY tutorial! The original skirt from the picture is from Pixie Market.


My darling new shoes! From Weekday.

Balenciaga SS11

I am IN LOVE!! Baleciagas SS11 gives m serious cravings... I would work free for a year just to get to touch that vest... And the thought of owning it... unbearable.. Mostly because it's never goin...

Pinky Promise.

I just have to say, that ever since Abbey Lee appeared in Australian Vogue with her hair dyed pink, I've played with the thought of coloring it myself.. But I've already done the signal red hair, a...

No Makeup.


Med dette innlegget vil jeg bare si to enkle ting: 1. Jeg har n rotet meg borti masse tull, og er s inspirasjonsls at det skulle ikke vrt lov, s alt som heter kategorifelt og lignende har for...


En av mange sanger som drar meg tilbake noen r i tid. Like it. (Beklager for drlig opplsning, btw..)


Har egentlig vrt veldig opphengt i Acne Pistol Boots det siste ret, og spart litt til dem.. Men s snublet jeg over disse fra Vagabond - og skal jeg vre HELT rlig, s likte jeg faktisk disse be...


..party, party.. Vel, jeg m helt rlig innrmme at det ikke er helt min greie.. MEN! Jeg er i det minste endelig 18, og kan skrive under p mitt EGET gjeldsbrev (hres skummelt ut - er det ikke) f...


OM NOM NOM ! Vurderte lage en slags bandage-kjole, men endte opp i en litt annen retning, dere fr se nr kjolen er ferdig! Kan si at det er veldig inspirert av Fendis kolleksjon fra ifjor! Kj...


Sitter og ser p Bolt og storkoser meg under dyna, en litt vinterdeprimert dag. Hamsteret rocks my world! Elsker crazyfaktoren over ham! :3 Absolutely LOVE it! <3

M 030111

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Jaja. Sitter og selvlrer meg selv i HTML-koding n..Har kunnet bittelitt fr (og da snakker vi minimalt) som jeg frst prver friske opp fr jeg lrer meg litt videre. S ville egentlig bare adv...