I'm working on a little collection of works I've made, that I can use to apply to a school I might consider for next year.. Not quite sure whether I'm interested or not, but I like to know ...

The Queen.

A little taste of my weekend! I'll try and remember to show you more later on :))

DIY skirt.

Just finished sewing this skirt. It's a little bit burberry prorsum-isj (ss10). I found a tutorial at anywho and I've been meaning to sew it - FINALLY I got to the part where I actually did it. I'm...


I mixed a couple of nail polishes yesterday, this is how it ended up looking like. Actually very satisfied! (But I am aware it's a little messy at the finger tips..) What do you think?

Corset Skirt.

I think this might just be my next copycat project...Really loved it! If I manage to sew it proparly, I'll make you a DIY tutorial! The original skirt from the picture is from Pixie Market.


Har vrt med Madde i kveld! Var sinnsykt kos, lenge siden vi har hatt en kveld med bare oss to. Vi tok en slags sykveld, da, kan man si (Sydd mye, jah, jaja), s egentlig ble det vel mer teselskap/...